Processing-structure-property-performance (PSPP) of Materials


Interaction with industry and other research and development laboratories nationally or internationally have been and will be an integral part of our research efforts.

The nature of our research is highly interdisciplinary and we believe in team effort and individual excellence.

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Meet our research group members!


Joseph Agyapong

Title of Research: Alloy Design of High Entropy Alloys for Industrial Applications

Level: Doctoral candidate

Mohammad Mahdi Ghadiri

Title of Research: Thermomechanical Analysis of High-Velocity Impact Against ARMOX 500T Plates

Level: Doctoral candidate

Gurnek Tak

Title of Research: Deformation Behavior and Microstructural Evolution of Armox 500T

Level: Masters degree candidate

Tristan Tenio

Title of Research: Development of a Biofidelic Head Model for the Simulation of Brain-Skull Kinematics in Concussion

Level: Graduate School / Masters of Applied Sciences in Mechanical Engineering

Christopher Enriquez-Birch

Title of Research: 3D Unitus Model Manufacturing

Level: Undergraduate Research Assistant

Sean Lett

Title of Research: 3D Unitus Manufacturing

Level: Undergraduate Research Assistant

Claudia Darko-Yirenkyi

Title of Research: A Study of Elastomers for Employment in Human Brain Simulation of Injury-Relevant Conditions

Level: Undergraduate Research Assistant.

Yuyu Ren

Title of research: Machine learning algorithm in advanced material research & 3D Printing

Level: Undergraduate Research Assistant

Jessica Luguterah

Title of research: PSPP materials research group

Level: Undergraduate Research Assistant

Keerthana Srinivasan

Title of research: Leveraging ATSP/MWCNT/PTFE composites to develop a textile coating that can prevent lunar dust abrasion on EVA space suits.
Level: Secondary School Research Assistant

Sasha Przybylski

Title of Research: Leveraging ATSP/MWCNT/PTFE composites to develop a textile coating for EVA space suits to prevent lunar dust abrasion

Grade: Secondary School Research Assistant

Adren Reuel

Title of Research: Software Development, Web & Server administration

Grade: Undergraduate Research Assistant (Studying BEng. Computer Engineering)