Processing-structure-property-performance (PSPP) of Materials

Material Processing: Additive MAnufactuRing


Powder Bed Fusion (PBF) is a metal-based Additive Manufacturing (AM) process in which a product is made by depositing a powder on a platform whereby heating and fusion are done by a scanning laser beam layer by layer. The process is repeated until all layers constituting the product is fused together. This technique enables the fabrication of a variety of complex products from all types of materials such as metals and composites. Ideally, the process offers the possibility of producing parts with a high level of intricacy in shape, near net shape and flexibility of design. Despite its advantages, there are many challenges in the development of materials (powders) for the process as well as multiscale defects in printed materials. Using the PBF process such as Direct metal laser sintering (DMLS), Electron beam melting (EBM), Selective heat sintering (SHS), Selective laser melting (SLM) and Selective laser sintering (SLS) require specially prepared powders, printing parameters (process control) and post-processing treatments that will optimize the microstructural integrity and mechanical properties of printed parts.